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Q: What are Keratin Strip Extensions?

  •  Keratin Strip Extensions are tape extensions made with a medical grade adhesive strips. Two Strips are placed on both sides of a slider section of hair and are fused together using low heat and flat pliers to create a sealed bond.


Q: Does my hair have to be relaxed or natural to get hair extensions?

  • You hair can be relaxed or natural. For the best results, we recommend that you choose a curl pattern that will blend with your hair in its natural state.


Q: How long does an install last?

  •  With proper care & maintenance a Keratin Strip Install can last 6-12 weeks.


Q: How do you remove Keratin Strip Extensions?

  • We recommend ONLY using Keratin Strip Remover to remove your Keratin Strip install. We advise proper use of this product.


Q: Can I install these hair extensions on myself??

  • We don't recommend you attempt to install these hair extension on yourself. You can run the risk of damaging you own hair, or simply not getting the results you desired. We recommend choosing a Certified Hair Extensions Specialist to install and maintenance you hair extensions.


Q: How do I book an appointment?


Q: Whats the difference between Keratin Strips and micro links?

  • Micro links are installed using metal silicone lined beads to affix a wefted extension to your natural hair. Keratin Strips uses medical grade, keratin based adhesive that are folded over a slim section of your hair. Keratin Strips create no tension.


Q: Are Keratin Strips reusable?


Q: Whats the difference between I tips and Keratin Strips?

  • I tips are individual keratin tipped extensions that are affixed to the hair by a copper bead.


Q: How much hair should I purchase for an entire Keratin Strip install?

  • We recommend a minimum of 3 packs (60 pieces) for an entire install. For a fuller look, or if you natural hair is fuller, we recommend 4-6 packs.


Q: How can I learn how to install Keratin Strips?


Q: Can I purchase Keratin Strip Extensions wholesale?

  • Yes! visit our "Wholesale Account" page to create a wholesale account. Once you have made your first order, you will be eligible to apply for our Certified Stylist Directory


Q: If I purchase my hair extensions on KSEHAIR.CO, can I bring them in for my appointment. 

  • Yes! Our Salon only installs hair extensions from KSEHAIR.CO

Q: How often does this site restock?

  •  We restock 1-2 times per month. Join our email list to be notified every time we restock.

Q: If I choose the pick up in store option at check out, when will my order be available for pick up?

  •  When you choose the "Pick up in store option" you will be able to choose you pick up day & time.

Q: How do I determine which hair texture I need to purchase?

  •  We recommend an in person consultation for the best results. If you are not local, we recommend a virtual consultation.

Q: How do I request to have my extensions colored for my hair appointment?

  • Please send hair color request to Appointments@ksehair.co